Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Truths

Good morning! 

Can you believe today is September 1st?! September 1st!!! Wow! Where is 2015 going? This is my favorite time of year though. I love fall... all things fall! 

How about some more "Tuesday Truths" this morning?? It's just another "fancy" way of me saying please let me just ramble. ;)

Truth: My KEEP Collective party was a success and I was able to get a cute watch and charms for hosting. It all showed up in the mail already! Super fast shipping!!

Truth: I don't ever wear watches anymore, but I chose to get one because of CC days. We will now be there all day on Thursdays and it will be nice to have this on instead of constantly pulling out my phone to see the time.

Truth: We were able to step outside yesterday! Praise God! The smoke blew away for now. It will be back though; there are still wildfires going on. :(

Truth: When Joe took Leland to get his haircut last Thursday, he went with a major buzz. We think Leland likes his hair shorter like his dad since he continued to ask for a haircut.

Truth: We had to put up the pink baby swing last night so that all three kids could be pushed at the same time. I don't think Leland minded too much though. Look at that precious face!!

Truth: These two are the absolute cutest sisters!

Truth: My kids know what the spider is and request to do it every so often.

Truth: I still love all the Ramona books and am glad my girls enjoy them too. I feel like I am living my childhood all over again as we read these books.

Truth: While I was at my appointment yesterday, my friend, Becky, came over to be with the kids. She played games and puzzles with the girls, while Leland napped, and then she straightened up their bedroom bookshelf. It's the little things, people. If you would have seen this shelf before, you would have taken a picture of this too. ;) Now, girls, put it back just like this!

Truth: If you were at my house in the evenings, you would get to enjoy the sounds of elk bugling. Yep, this is the sweet music that My Hunter serenades me to during the fall. ;)

Truth: I am off to workout. I let Joe pick what program I should start because I was so indecisive. He chose Insanity Max:30, so yesterday morning I did the fit test and now today I will do some Tabata Power. I will need your help cheering me on the next 60 days... well I guess 59 now since I completed day one yesterday. I want to be able to actually finish the whole program start to finish!

Truth: I hope you all have a fabulous first day of September! I am praying the skies are clear here today and that we can open the windows while we are doing school.

Talk soon!

Questions for you: 

  • Which season is your favorite? 
  • What were your favorite childhood books? 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Lazy Weekend

Hey friends!

How was your weekend?? I am sitting here wondering where it went and what we did. Last night I was telling Joe that I don't think I really took any pictures, so this post may be a little boring. ;)
We kicked off the end of our first week of school with our normal Friday night pizza and movie. 

Saturday I did get to sleep in... a mom's version of sleeping in anyway... 7:45 a.m. Whoops, whoops! It was pretty awesome being lazy all day! 

I feel like we are shut-ins right now. We really can't be outside long and we definitely can't have the windows open with all these wildfires going on. Rylee is actually getting headaches from them. I guess this is what it was like the summer we moved out here, but I was hanging out over in a hospital bed so I had no clue. :)

Joe worked on antelope hunting a bit over the weekend. These are one animal he is having a bit more trouble figuring out. They are giving him a run for his money, ha!

Saturday evening, Joe and I had a date night in and watched American Sniper. It has been on our list for awhile now; we were actually hoping to see it in theaters but it didn't happen so this is the next best thing. Have you seen it? If not, I highly recommend it! Bradley Cooper was nothing short of amazing!

Sunday was a productive day though. I got a workout in, meal plan written up, and even some prep work done. Joe shopped for me Saturday evening. Thankful for that! I got our school plans all ready for the week too. We are ready to go!

But see?! No pictures! 

Wait... I did take this one of Leland helping me unload the dishwasher Saturday morning. :)

Was your weekend more eventful than ours? Share what you did.

See you tomorrow! Make your Monday awesome! I am going to work out for the next 30 minutes with Shaun T and then we will be over here doing school. Later today I have a doctor's appointment. Fun, fun! ;)

Thanks for hosting the link-up, Katie! Hope you are feeling better this morning!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites #15

Heeeyyyyy! Happy Friday! 

I'm pretty excited that the weekend is almost here, because now that we are back in school full-time, weekends are going to feel like a treat again! I get to sleep in tomorrow morning!! :) Plus, we worked our tails off this week and got a ton of schooling and learning done! That is definitely one of my favorite things about the week, and I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika to share more of my favorites with you. I have quite a few this morning!! 

I'm starting out with a couple big ones first, friends, because they are good!

Favorite Phone Call... Wednesday afternoon, Leland picked up the phone and called Grandma. Why, you ask?! Because he is straight up pooping in the potty for good now! Last Friday night Joe got him to go, but the next few days following, Leland was back to his normal routine of going in his pants. :( Then, out of nowhere, Wednesday he wakes up and tells us he has to go and went in on the potty. And that's that. He is going in the bathroom like such a big boy! Most exciting thing ever! So, yes, he had to make a phone call to Grandma Millie to let her know that he went {more than} three times in a row on Wednesday and he was ready for his "peasant" {present :) }! 

Favorite Diabetic Moment... The other night it was time to go in and check Leland's levels. As soon as I opened his bedroom door, he sat up and said to me, "Low, mommy, low." 

I checked him and he was 61. That's low! He was right! While we definitely don't want him low, the fact that this little toddler-man is becoming so aware of his body and his diabetes almost brings me to tears.

Up we got him to come out and sit by Daddy to watch an elk hunt and have some food to get those numbers back up. 

Favorite Night... Last night was the best, because these two went on their first guys' night out! My heart almost exploded as I watched them get ready. Leland was dancing around the living room with a smile from one ear to the other as his dad got his boots on. Then he asked to wear a hat, just like his dad. They were off for haircuts, supper, and a stop at Sportsman's to pick up a few things and check out all the animal mounts. A perfect guys' night!

Those were my big favorites, so now on to some lighter ones. :)

Favorite Kids & Dog... In honor of National Dog Day, which was on Wednesday, we gave Snoots lots of extra lovins. :)

Favorite Netflix Show... I needed something new for when I am sitting folding laundry. I tried out the first few minutes of Gilmore Girls awhile back, but after reading Shay's post saying she got up at 3:30 AM some mornings just to get another episode in, I thought I would give a full episode a chance. I'm hooked!

Favorite Funnies... One of my friends had these posted on her Facebook wall and I was cracking up!

Although this last one doesn't apply to me any longer with having to get up and check Leland's BG levels. I guess I am destined to never sleep through the night again, haha!

Happy last weekend of August, friends! I hope whatever you do makes for a great one!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Truths

Well, the first day of school is in the books, my friends! And guess what, everyone survived! ;)

As promised, I have their first day of school pictures to share. Sadly, they were taken from my phone and not our good camera, but at least I got them.

Here are some more truths for your Tuesday...

Truth: We have a fourth grader, a second grader, and we can't forget our big 3-year-old preschooler, in the Runde house this year.

Truth: Yljana loves her uncle Joe. She does not, however, love his beard!

Truth: I am reminded hunting season has started when these are the movie picks My Hunter brings home for Friday night movie night! :)

Truth: I cleaned out Leland's drawers over the weekend. He is growing! Time to pass all of these clothes on.

Truth: My mom told Leland that she would let him pick out any present he wants if he goes poop in the potty three times in a row. I think that is a pretty awesome deal and am imagining him choosing a new truck or some little matchbox cars... something along those lines. 

Guess what he told her he wants?! A haircut! :) Of all things! This boy cracks me up!!

Truth: Yep, I'm still working out over here, even though I haven't been good with my accountability posts. I have been taking a few more rests days the past few weeks. My body has enjoyed the extra time off.

I'm looking into starting Shaun T's new Cize program in September with a few friends. Let me know if you want to join in!

Truth: Willow received an Amazon gift card in the mail over the weekend for her birthday. This girl couldn't wait to get on and look through all the options of what she could buy. She has picked out a couple things and is waiting for Mom or Dad to put the order in. :) Thanks Aunt Katie, Uncle Erin, and Tatum; you made her day!

Have a great Tuesday!

I need to go work out quick and then it will be time to wake up the girls for school. We have a busy day of learning ahead of us.

Questions for you: 
  • What is one truth you can share with me today?
  • If you had an Amazon gift card to spend right now, what would you buy?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend in Pictures

Hello Monday! 

Today starts the new school year over here! Whoops, whoops! I know I am excited, not sure how the girls feel now that they can no longer sleep in. ;)

I will be taking their first-day-of-school pictures this morning and will definitely share them with you all.

How was your weekend, friends? 

We celebrated the girls' birthdays with their friends on Friday. We were hoping to have a pool party, but the smoke has been so bad here, that they have actually closed the pool. So we decided to have their girlfriends over to the house instead. Note for next year, always have a plan! {Becky, why did I turn you down for coming over to help?!? I needed you!!!} With all of us being stuck in the house, it felt like chaos to me. But I think the kids all had fun.

Leland seriously earned this chocolate bar on Friday night. His dad got him to poop on the potty! I mean, this is truly exciting you all! He has been potty trained since April, but he still refuses to poop in the potty. It was an emotional experience for him. You can see it in his eyes. There were tears, lots of fear of the unknown, and then much celebrating once he went! I celebrated too... with two chocolate bars. Believe me, I really earned those after all the underwear I have had to clean out.

Saturday morning cartoons are a must with these three. It worked out well, because while they watched, I continued school prep. 

Our school shelves are all ready. I should have taken a before picture. These shelves were *packed* and such a hot mess. I decided to pack away anything we aren't using this first semester. Makes it less overwhelming and then I don't go in there feeling like I need to be doing more!

We were so excited that the smoke from the wildfires had cleared! We opened all the windows and just took in the beautiful view we have been missing. It truly felt like fall on Saturday.

Unfortunately, yesterday the smoke was back. We had to shut up the house and stay inside. Praying for all those fighting out there! Last I had heard, three fire fighters had lost their lives and seven have been injured. :(

This weekend we were dealing with some high BG levels with Leland. I don't know which is worse, the lows or the highs. The lows are terrifying because you don't want him to get too low where he ends up in a coma or worse. The highs scare us because of the problems they can lead to down the road. Oy! I am just going to continue praying for a cure. Will you pray along with me?

I don't know if you remember me mentioning wanting to read more, but I have been doing just that. Any free minute I can find, I have a book in my hands. On Saturday afternoon, I finished book number two in the Ashley Stockindale series. And before turning out the lights Saturday night, I read a few pages of the third and final one in the series. 

My Hunter spent the weekend preparing for his dad's trip out here. He arrives in about a week. They will be doing some elk hunting together; this has become a yearly thing for them. My Hunter puts in a lot of work to get ready, but he loves every minute of it.

Oh, and there are only a couple more days to order from my KEEP Collective online party I am hosting for my friend. Have you heard of this cute company?! I hadn't. You can personalize some cute, cute bracelets. I have earned some hostess rewards, so I have my eye on creating a fun, double-banded watch! :) If you want to check it out or place an order, just click here. {I hate to say this just yet, but think Christmas gifts when you are browsing! They would make great, personalized ones!}

Alright, wish us luck as we dive into day one of our school year. :) 

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend and are ready to start this new week.

Questions for you: 
  • When is your birthday? 
  • Are there wildfires by you?
  • What book are you currently reading?
Thanks, Katie, for hosting this marvelous link-up every Monday morning!