School in Our Slippers

School in Our Slippers

Friday, October 31, 2014

Flash Back Friday, Halloween Edition

**Side note - Laurie informed me yesterday that all of my pictures, except for the very recent posts, have disappeared. Seems this coincided with my Facebook and Gmail getting hacked and me having to delete those accounts. I will have to look into seeing if I can recover all of the photos. I will be so sad if I can't, because this is the kids' memory books.**

Today I wanted to stroll back down memory lane and share some pictures of the kids from Halloween past.


This is a picture of all three kiddos two years ago, Leland's first Halloween. Aren't they cute?!

Here are a couple of the boys.
I love this one where they are looking into each other's eyes.
Daddy is baby wearing. Where's Leland?
A group one. Look at how short my hair was. This was right after I got it cut... before going back and getting it fixed. ;)

Do you remember this cute one of the three kiddos?! Awe! <3 <3

And, one of the girls with their pumpkins.


Now a look at last year.
The three little munchkins.
Remember Leland dressing as his dad, "Red Beard"?? Haha!
Family pic. outside our church.
Two cuties!
Joe looks like a baby face without his beard!
The goods! 
Mommy and her monkey :-)

That's all I can share. The older pictures are all on CDs. Hope you enjoyed going back in time with me. 

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Successful Surgery

We arrived on time yesterday morning at the surgery center. It ended up just being Leland and I going. Joe stayed back so the girls could sleep, and then he worked in the hotel room until I got back.

After getting all checked in, they took us back into a room where he got his vitals checked and dressed in a hospital gown. He wasn't a big fan of the gown.

While we waited, he was able to watch lots of cartoons. The anesthesiologist came in and went over what he would be doing. A nurse came and got Leland shortly after that and took him away. I went out to the waiting room and sat until the surgery was over.

Dr. Stockdale came out once the surgery was finished and said everything went well. He said the fluid was a lot worse than he had thought. He went over the instructions on how to care for his incision and what to watch for. I just had to wait a bit longer until Leland woke up from the anesthesia.

Once I got back to recovery, I instantly knew Leland's blood sugar levels were low. He was extremely irritable, so we checked him and sure enough he was at 65.

We tried to get him to eat or drink something, but he was not having it. Finally the nurse put some juice with some added sugar into a syringe and gave him that. We checked him about 15 minutes later, and his levels had jumped up in the 300s. This roller coaster continued back-and-forth for quite some time. 

I finally asked if I could call our diabetic team and chat with them. I had the nurse also talk with her. The highest Leland got was in the 500s. I told them I was comfortable taking him home and watching his numbers.

We got back to the hotel around lunchtime, and his numbers were at 355. I gave him a little lunch, and then him and I lay down for a nap. At 3 o'clock he was at 350, and the rest of the evening he went down and got back on track. This morning he woke up in his levels were fine.

Today is our last day at the hotel. I plan to take the girls down to swim at the pool. Leland's not be able to get in the water because of his incision, so that will be tough on him. We will start our drive back to Helena as soon as Joe is finished with his workday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pictures from Today

Some pictures I snapped from our appointments today. First up, the appointment with our diabetic team. 

He is 34.75 inches tall. He looks like he was being tortured here. ;)

The kids played so well while Joe and I talked with Katie Flass, the physicians assistant who has been amazing throughout all of this. 

After that appointment, we walked over to meet with Dr. Stockdale to go over things for tomorrow. 

Leland listened intently as he discussed how he would be doing the surgery and went over the possible risks. 

We have to be there by 6:30 tomorrow morning. I plan to take Leland while Joe stays back and lets the girls sleep. Then they will come over after breakfast. 

Time to get some sleep. 

Prep-op Day

Yesterday afternoon we packed up the van and headed towards Billings, MT. It is a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive so we wanted to get settled in time for the kids to get a decent nights sleep. 

Leland is having surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30. We have a couple of appointments this afternoon. At 1 o'clock we are meeting with his diabetic team. I am looking forward to Joe meeting them. Then at 3 PM, we have his preop appointment. So we will find out what we need to do to prepare for the surgery.

With him being born prematurely, the tube leading down to his testicles never closed. We were hoping it would close on it's own by the time he turned two. Since it didn't, he is having the hydrocele surgery tomorrow to fix that. 

He didn't sleep well last night, which means I didn't either. We need a quick nap before heading to the appointments. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Life Lessons

Leland was sure getting taught some lessons from his sisters yesterday. The first was from his oldest. 

"No, Leland. Mommy can't put your shoes on right now. She is curling my hair. You have to wait your turn. That's how life goes." 

The second was from Willow and one I wonder about him receiving from others time and again in life. I hope not. :-(

"You can't have a sleepover. You have diabetes." 

Poor baby. 

Him and I got to hang out the rest of the day by ourselves. The girls went out to their friends to spend the night so that I could get over to the home inspection. So excited to report that the inspection went extremely well! There are just some very small things that he pointed out that we will have them fix.

I walked Leland around and showed him what his new home will look like. His favorite part was the master bathtub. I have a feeling the kids will be spending lots of time in there. He climbed right in and didn't want to get out.

When we got home, I had to water the new bushes that are landlord put in. Leland wanted the hose, and I'm not sure what I was thinking but I let him have it. Not my smartest idea ever. ;)

He didn't want to give it up, and I had to bravely get over to turn it off. He was crying and screaming, so I lured him in the house by telling him that we could open the package that just arrived in the mail.

Grandma Sue and Papa Gary sent such a sweet note and some new diabetic cookbooks that will come in extremely handy. Thank you so much for that!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Checkup

Monday we had an appointment with Dr. Strizich, the kids' pediatrician here in Helena. He just wanted to connect and see how things were going with Leland and what the Billings team were doing. If Leland gets sick, we will still go to him, so he wants to stay in the loop. 

Leland is so used to hospitals and checkups now that he is extremely cooperative for the nurses and doc... Unless he has to get a shot. ;)
He weighed in at 30 lbs. 11 oz. 

After his appointment we picked out pumpkins at Walmart. Not as fun as a pumpkin patch but this is realistic for us this fall. And the kids were still excited. Time to paint or carve this weekend. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reptile Expo

Saturday Joe and Rylee went hunting so I took Willow and Leland over to the reptile expo after naptime. 

We saw turtles. 

Geckos, snails, snakes, and Leland's favorite... mice and rats. 

My skin was crawling by the time we left.