Saturday, April 18, 2015

Operation Potty Training, Day 3

The kids are all still sleeping, thankfully... they need it. The past few nights have been late ones with swimming at the hotel and then having the extra kids over. I should still be sleeping too; I have been dragging. Joe and I were up until after 1 a.m. the past two nights by the time we got everyone settled {and resettled} into bed.

The extra kids that we had here ended up going home last night with their dad. Their mom is starting to do better, and since they were able to take her off the meds yesterday, Josh was able to leave her for the night. Our house will be back to normal today, and as much as I love those kiddos, because they really are family to us, it will be nice to have a quiet day.

Here are a few more pictures I got while they were here.

This was after the two littles got up from nap. We turned on a cartoon and had a snack before heading back outside. {Don't mind my son, the nose-picker. ;) }

These two were having a pack-n-play wrestling match. :) Did I mention that I had a 1, 2, and 3-year-old boy here by myself??? Doesn't that sound CRAZY?!?! You would think that would be really awful after all the mischief I share my son getting into, but it isn't bad. They are all such good kids.

We headed out for another walk. I called these three the "Pony-tail Princesses" which is when Ry ran in to get her crown to make the name even more fitting.

We stopped to get the mail on our walk, and as soon as we got back to the house, Rylee couldn't wait to open and read the card Grandma Millie, Papa, and Uncle Ryan sent for them. She took it inside right away and put it in her treasure box.

Now on to the potty training update.

Leland woke up Friday morning and his pull-up was wet, just like the morning before. Not super wet or anything, and I am wondering if I would have gotten out of bed right away to check and have him go to the bathroom instead of letting him go around in it for a bit, if he would have been dry. Like I said, we were up so late with my friend's two boys, I had gone back to bed for about 20 minutes after I sent Joe off to work.

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day for Leland. He went in the potty a ton, in fact he started going in on his own. So when I was busy making lunch or doing whatever, he has started running down the hall to the bathroom, lifting up the toilet lid, placing his seat on, climbing up, and going potty. He then yells for me, "Mom! Pee! Bean! Bean!" He yells for his jelly bean, haha. I love it. It made life so much easier yesterday with the extra kiddos here. Way to go, Leland!

I was able to get my workout in yesterday too! Joziah napped on the couch, and I sent the other five kids out to sidewalk chalk on the driveway, because that way I could see them right out my window where I was working out at and make sure they were all doing okay.

I also got a shower! Friends, it truly was a great day! Now let's cheer Leland on to go poop in the potty today!

Have a great Saturday! I am going to leave you with this super short video of Leland sharing with all of you that he went potty!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Operation Potty Training, Day 2

Well, hey there. We are hanging in there over here. Good news is...
So yesterday was day two of potty training. I think it can be summed up with this one picture.

His shirt should definitely read "Sick of Potty Training" instead of "Carsick." ;)

It wasn't as good of a day as day one, but that's because my plan of having no plans changed.
My good friend ended up having to go to the emergency room yesterday, so we met them and took three of their kids and they are staying with us for the rest of the weekend for sure. Poor thing is in the hospital now with the doctors trying to figure out what is going on. :(

Anyway, with me having six kids running around the house, I couldn't put my full attention on just Leland. He had some accidents in his pants throughout the day, but he also went on the potty a handful of times. 

No pooping in the potty yet. He started out the morning telling me had to poop and he would go a little, but then I think he would scare himself and ended up jumping off the potty a couple times exclaiming, "Poop! Poop!" and pointing in the potty. He ended up going in his underwear later that morning when he was outside playing with the other kids.

He did choose to stand up at the end of the day to pee at the Cheerio I threw in, but that ended with him whipping around towards me because he was SO excited and falling completely, and I me completely, into the toilet... butt all the way down in with his little hands and feet wiggling about in the air. 

Needless to say, my workout wasn't able to be completed yesterday, I didn't get a shower, nor have I had a chance today yet. {I will be jumping in as soon as I am done posting here, because the two little guys are currently napping.}

Oh, and I have been doing lots, and lots, and lots of laundry. {Note to future potty training momma's, make sure you are *all* caught up on your laundry before you start the training, because you will have to stay on top of all the clothes your little one wets through. :) }

I will definitely update you on how today turns out with Leland's potty training, but I have to say, so far it has been two thumbs up! :)

Before I go, here are some pictures I have snapped on my phone the past couple days.

Joe is holding baby Yljana here. She is seriously the sweetest thing. Joe has always looked so good holding a baby. I had to laugh, because I had literally just gotten her in my arms and he comes over and takes her out saying he wanted time with her. Brat! ;)

Hi Ho! Cherry-O

We ended the night with a walk around the neighborhood.

Regardless of how day two went as far as the training, I am working on choosing joy in all moments. I was definitely glad when it was bedtime, totally not going to lie, but I did stop to thank God for allowing me to be a momma and entrusting me with these children, even during this season of scrubbing out underwear that has been pooped in. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Operation Potty Training, Day 1

Hey all!

If you are looking for me the next few days, you will find me plopped on the bathroom floor next to the toilet. I have decided since we have *nothing* going on the next three days, I am going to tackle this potty training business with Leland. 

I can't even imagine what it is going to feel like to not have diapers in this house! We have had them here for 8 1/2 years!!! {That's a long time, friends!}

Overall, I have to say I am extremely impressed with how the first day went. I have heard so many people say boys are harder to potty train than girls, so I just put this whole thing off out of fear. My girls were trained by 18 months and were so easy.

Honestly, Leland has been ready for some time now; it is me that hasn't invested the time to get it done because I don't have the time to sit in the bathroom like I did back when it was just the girls and we weren't busy homeschooling.

I decided that these three days, my entire focus was going to be on training him. I gave the girls tasks for school, and told them they were on their own. I am SO proud of those two! They worked very hard, Rylee stepped up as teacher and did a few lessons with Willow, and they were so encouraging and supportive to their brother as well.

Here is what day one looked like.

As soon as Leland got up, I reminded him what today was and told him it was time to pack up his diapers to give to Baby Yljana.

Then we headed into his room so he could pick out which pair of underwear he wanted to wear.

The girls made him a chart so we could reward him with stickers. He got one right away for putting on underwear.

Throughout the day I made sure he was filling up on liquids.

His BG levels were high a few times yesterday, which worked out to my advantage, because that makes him pee more.

Every time he went potty, he got to choose between either a sticker or a jellybean.

The only thing I would say we have to work on at this point is his aim. He chose to sit, but it doesn't exactly go directly down into the toilet.

I felt like I was constantly wiping the toilet. However, I obviously forgot to wipe the seat once as I found out too late. ;)

I would love to just keep Leland in underwear at naps and nighttime, but I chose to do pull-ups. The girls wet through bedtime for a long time, so I am sure it will be the same with him. I totally think pull-ups are pointless because they don't hold much, but we need something so maybe I will double up on these. I told him they are his "special bedtime underwear."

In the evening, we headed over to hang out with friends at their hotel room to have supper and swim. 

As soon as we got there, Leland gave his diapers to Yljana.

At one point while we were swimming, Leland told me he had to poop, so we rushed off to the bathroom but by the time we got there he had already gone in his swim diaper. He did sit on the potty and pee though. That was our last swim diaper, and this momma is not buying any more. No turning back now!!

Since he hasn't pooped on the potty yet, that is our next goal. This could be a big game changer, folks. Wish us luck as we start day two today! ;)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Snapshots

Hey! I was hoping to sit down this morning and type out a quick post, but that didn't happen. The weekend flew by, and so did today. How was your weekend?? Anything fun happen? I love hearing about what you all did, so definitely comment below with what it looked like around your house.

Friday morning we had some friends over for a playdate. The weather was gorgeous, so we spent most of the time outside in our yard.

Those cutie-patootie twins sitting next to Leland are the daughters of my next door neighbor while I was on bed rest in the hospital at Great Falls. I love when we are all able to get together and just seeing how far our little premies have come. :)

After Leland had his afternoon nap, we headed out grocery shopping. It was *much* needed. We were out of all basics... milk, bread, fruits, veggies... it was a little ridiculous. How does that happen so fast?!

I turned around to find these two walking hand-in-hand. <3

Friday night was Leland's movie pick, with some help from Dad. We watched Spy Kids. We loved it! I had never even heard of it. Now the kids are running around reenacting the movie. :)

Saturday morning started with cartoons while I made breakfast, and by "made breakfast" I mean got the cereal, milk, bowls, and fruit set out for the kids. My kind of lazy-day morning meal. ;)

Once the kids were done eating and breakfast was all cleaned up, I threw in brownies. My friend had told me that her grandma frosts them with marshmallow creme and chocolate frosting. With a party coming up that afternoon, I knew I wanted to try these out. 

Leland gave the marshmallow creme two thumbs up! I made everyone p.b. and marshmallow creme sandwiches. Have you ever tried this?? YUM! Joe was the one that introduced me to this brilliant combination.

Like I said, we had a party to go to. It was our end-of-the-year Classical Conversations get together. This Little Guy knew just how he wanted his hair styled for the ladies. We call this the tooth-brush-in-your-hair style.

We actually headed over to an open house first. It was a cute home but not the one for us. I guess you can say we are "sort of" looking again but not totally. We told our realtor to hold off on sending houses our way. We went to this one, because my friend has been keeping an eye out for us as well, and she had emailed me the link and open house info on Friday. It was right by where we live now, so we figured why not check it out.
Family selfie before we hit the road
Saturday evening My Hunter had to do a quick run up to Bob's {our little grocery store} and came back with the mail. Great mail day when you have two boxes of Shakeo waiting for you!

While supper was cooking, Joe curled up with the girls for a movie, and Leland and I snuck into my bedroom so I could get a quick workout in. I was feeling so bloated from the pork sandwich I ate that afternoon. We don't eat pork much at this house, so it really upset me... and I love pulled pork too!

I felt crummy all Saturday and woke up still feeling that way Sunday. I decided I was going to start my 3-Day Refresh. Why wait for Monday like I had originally planned? At this point I can say I am so glad I did. By Sunday night I was finally feeling good again. Here I am almost done with day two; I will definitely do a recap blog post of how this went for me. 

And speaking of the refresh, I feel like I should get the best wife/mom award, because while I can't eat what I am making my family for supper tonight, I still found this recipe and thought it sounded so yummy that I couldn't wait to make it. It's a crockpot recipe too, so I have literally been sitting here drooling over the smell of it Torture! That is what I am doing to myself I tell ya. I should have just made them something like tuna, right?! ;)

Check out Shay's blog; she just posted a whole bunch of delicious looking crockpot recipes this morning. I am sure we will be trying out some of the other ones soon. 

Alright, on that note the oven timer is just going off for the dinner rolls. I need to get those out and get the kids inside and washed up for dinner. 

I hope your weekend and the start of your week has been amazing! Can't wait to hear about it. :)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Truths // My Worst Nightmare

Two weeks ago today, I had one of my worst nightmares become a reality. I wasn't going to share, because I felt awful that this happened, but then I realized this stuff just happens, and it doesn't mean I am a bad mom. Plus, this is a story I want documented in our family memory book{this blog}.

Let me back up and share.

Every Tuesday morning we head over to church for my Bible study. We get back home right before lunch.

On this Tuesday, just like every other, I pulled into the garage, turned off the van, and went in the house with all three kids.

I set down one load of stuff and went back down to the van to get the last load. {How is it that we are only gone a couple of hours, yet we take enough stuff where you would think we were leaving for days??}

When I came back in, I walked into the kitchen and looked up to see the patio door standing wide open. I heard the girls playing in the toy room, so I went in to find them, noticing no Leland.

I walked through the entire house, looking and calling for him, pretty calm here.

I yelled for the girls and told them to help me look for their brother. I was still pretty calm at this point, thinking he was in one of the rooms or right outside.

I sent the girls out to the yard to get him while I went to my bedroom to see if he had climbed up on my bed to watch cartoons.

When I didn't find him in my room and the girls said he was nowhere in the yard, I started to get concerned.

I had Ry jump on her bike and ride in front of our house while I ran around yelling and looking. No Leland.

At this point, I yelled for the girls to get in the van, but first I got down and looked under the van. I thought that maybe he was hiding and at this point I was really starting to panic, imagining the worst and thought how awful it would be if indeed he were just hiding and I backed the van out and hit him. No Leland.

We all climbed in the van and I drove around our entire neighborhood with my eyes peeled. No Leland!

At this point, I was totally freaking out. However, I was trying to remain calm because Rylee was in tears and both girls were super worried and upset.

My mind went to the fact that there are roads everywhere around us, busy roads, and at this point I had also figured out that the dog got out when Leland opened the door and he went off chasing her. SO, which way did Snooter decide to run??? Was Leland now hit by some car, laying in the road?? Did someone see a little two-year-old boy walking outside alone and stop and take him???? He needed his insulin too; was he high or low and laying somewhere from that???

I called Joe. No answer from him.

Now it was time to call the police. My two year old is *missing*! I remember her asking me all sorts of questions and me just repeating, "Did I mention that he is only TWO?!?!" {TOTALLY freaking out by now!}

They told me to stay at my house and they would send the deputy out.

I flew back to the house.

When we jumped out of the van, Leland was on the deck, knocking on the patio door, yelling, "Momma! Mommy!"

{HUGE sigh!}

I grabbed him, and wrapped my arms around that boy, never wanting to let go! He instantly started trying to run from our yard again, pointing and yelling, "Snooter! Snooter!" {In my head I thought, I don't give a d$@n about that dog!!!}

That's what happened. He had opened the door when I went back to the van, the dog bolted, and he took off after her. {Darn dog!}

I called the police back and let them know he was back. She said she would call the nine officers back in, but the deputy would still be coming out.

TEN OFFICERS!!!! How awesome is that?! I couldn't be more proud of our law enforcement. Within minutes of me calling, they had TEN police officers out looking for my son!!

Regardless of how I felt as a mom, that is amazing and so reassuring!

When the deputy finally pulled up in front of our house, he just opened his door and wiped his brow as if to say, "Thank you, God!" I looked at him and said, "I know."

I was wishing I would have gotten a picture of Leland with the deputy for this memory, but I didn't. I was too shaken up. Before leaving the officer asked Leland if he wanted a sticker. That made his day.

Good news though... four days later I was able to get that picture I had hoped for.

Thank you, Willow, for making that possible by {accidentally} calling 911.

Yep, that happened. #MomoftheYear ;)

Anytime you are feeling like you are having a bad day, just give me a call. I am certain I will have a story that will make you feel better about life, ha! :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter Weekend

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! How was your Easter weekend? We had a very low-key, relaxing weekend, and I have to say, we kind of loved it!!

I thought I would recap our weekend with some pictures. I have a lot of pictures I am sharing, so if you end up getting to the end, high five!! :)

Friday was a busy day.

We had to run to the hospital to get labs done for Leland. 

While we were there, we decided to stop by and visit my friend's new baby. I had two *very* excited girls that couldn't wait to get their hands on this little one.

Okay, I was exctied too. ;)

Leland wasn't too interested in her, until I was asking someone else if they wanted to hold her. He placed his hand on her head and sternly told them, "No!" I think he has a little girlfriend. :)

After leaving the hospital, we ran some errands, one of them was getting our van washed. Oh how it needed a good cleaning!!

Friday night... you know the drill around here... pizza and movie night. 

I snuck out for about an hour and took Snooter for a walk. It was a beautiful evening.

Saturday it was just Willow, Leland, and I at home. Joe and Ry went out scouting. Talk about a super lazy day for the three of us. 

Rylee came home pretty thrilled that she found her first antler without her dad's help!

Easter Sunday was perfect in my books. We got up and had a big breakfast that Joe whipped up and then we headed off to church. 

When we got home, I had a headache, so I took a nap. My Hunter is truly the best, because while I was laying down, he did some laundry, dishes, picked up the house, and laid Little Man down for a nap. A SAHM's dream right there!

We were going to head up to the Easter Egg Hunt, but there were flurries going on outside and it was a tad cold, so we snuggled up and watched "Where the Red Fern Grows." This was Joe's favorite book growing up, so it is next on our read-aloud list and the girls are excited.

After the movie, we put on our own indoor egg hunt. 

I took a short video of Leland putting his Easter coins in the piggy bank his papa made him.

We ended the evening with Joe grilling us up some beer brats, him and Rylee repotting his Easter cactus, and Face Timing Grandpa Sam and Grandma Kim.

Oh, and one more thing... check out the rings Joe gave me yesterday! My three loves! I love, love, love them!!!

So seriously, if you are still here and reading, I am impressed! This was a looonnnngggg post! Time for me to get off the computer now, go get my workout in, and get the kids rolling. We have some school to get done before we head in to town this afternoon to meet with Leland's diabetic team.

Have an amazing day, my friends!

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