Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Blog Swap Partners!!

We had a great group of you interested in doing this fall blog swap! Johanna, Desiree, and I were so excited from the response we got. 

Today we wanted to share the list of partners. So here it is...

Be sure to get in touch with your partner. Head over to their blog and check things out. Get to know each other and just have fun!!

You should have received your email already. If you didn't, please let me know and we will get that sent to you again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dance It Out

Happy Tuesday, guys!

I really don't have much to share since I posted so late yesterday afternoon, but I still wanted to pop in this morning and say hi. :)

I got up with Joe's alarm at 5:30 and after getting his breakfast and lunch made-up, I started right to work on laundry and dishes.

Now I am sitting here drinking my E&E before I go get my Insanity Max:30 workout on. Dance it out today, friends!! :) I found this tank at our local boutique over the summer. It was on the sale rack so I couldn't pass it up.

Once I am finished working out, the kids and I will getting rolling on school, and then my major priority today is to meal plan. I didn't get it done over the weekend because we were enjoying our time with Bob being here. BUT, it needs done today so we can get out and get the necessary groceries.

Last night I snuck out of the house for a bit and met up with some mom friends for coffee. I am so thankful for my hubby. He came home from work on time and we all sat down to dinner together before I left. He shuffled me out the door and told me to enjoy my night and not rush home. It's the small things that make me appreciate him most.

Clearly my kids are not used to me leaving, haha. They were at the van door begging for more good-bye hugs and kisses, and Leland kept saying, "You right back?" :) I couldn't resist jumping out and giving them one last squeeze. I mean, look at those two cute little kissy faces!

They were all tucked in and sleeping when I got home. Well, except for Rylee. She told her dad she was going to stay awake until I got home. I wasn't out late... I think I pulled in at 9:00 PM. Thankfully, because that girl would have forced herself awake until she got to say goodnight one more time. ;)

Okay, E&E is down the hatch which means I need to go push play on my workout. 

Happy Tuesday!!

Questions for you: 
  • Do you meal plan? 
  • If so, what day do you sit down to get it done?

Monday, October 5, 2015

MIMM // Bob, An Elk & A B-day Party

This weekend brought the first chills of fall. After weeks in the 70s and 80s, we experienced the 40s! Brr!! I am not ready! Thankful this week will have nice, warm temps again. Winter will be here soon enough. :(

This afternoon I am linking up with Katie's "Marvelous in My Monday" post to share some of our weekend highlights.

Friday afternoon we had a very fun surprise. I was chatting with my friend on the phone when I thought I heard male voices out in our driveway. Sure enough, My Hunter and Bob had come home early from their hunting trip. {YAY!} They were gone seven days and had a very, very successful hunt. Their main goal was to get Bob a big bull. I would say they did just that! 

We were so excited to have Bob here with us for our weekly pizza and movie night!

I was excited to have a little sleeping buddy stay in our room this weekend. We gave Bob Leland's room. Joe and I have always had a strict policy of no kids sleeping in our bed with us. I thought that I would get away with letting Leland in just.this.once.

But nope, Joe moved him to the floor when he came in to bed. Can you blame him?! I mean, look at Leland all sprawled out on Joe's side, ha! Joe would have had to sleep at the foot of the bed. ;)

Saturday morning we got to FaceTime my handsome nephew, Liam, my BIL, Nick, and my MIL, Kim. It was fun to see Liam in Leland's old hat!! Man, that boy is going to be a big kid... just like all of mine. ;) Can't wait to meet him in person someday.

After lunch, we grabbed our pirate garb and headed out to our friend's birthday party.

We celebrated Marijka turning 7 and Joziah turning 4.

Leland's favorite part was definitely the chocolate cupcake!

The whole time we were gone, Joe and Bob cut up the elk meat. They were still working when we got home. So thankful for them!

I didn't get a workout in Saturday morning like planned, so I snuck one in that evening quick.

Before the kids headed to bed, we Skyped with my SIL, Jessica, and my sweet little niece, Autumn. Do you see her peeking behind the computer?? :) She is going to be ONE YEAR OLD next month. I can't believe it! It was the best way to end our night. She showed us some new things she has learned recently... clapping, "So Big!" and waving. 

Sunday the boys continued to cut up the elk meat {and finished it all!}. I got chores around the house done, while the kids played outside with their neighbor friends. 

Last night was the first night of AWANA for the year. This is Leland's very first year being a part; all three kids are going! Crazy! I am helping out in Leland's cubby room for the year.

The girls had a blast in their classes. Leland's class sang a lot of songs, played games, memorized scripture, had snack and made this little craft. We are already looking forward to next week.

When we got home, we all cuddled up on the couch to watch Joe and Bob's hunting video and elk kill. It was so good! The elk were bugling like crazy! These animals are huge and so beautiful!!

All good things must come to an end though. The kids had to say their good-byes to Bob at bedtime last night. He flew out early this morning. :( We will definitely miss him!

So that was our weekend in a nut shell. 

How was your's?? Did you do anything fun and exciting? 

I am pretty excited to get out tonight for coffee with some other moms from our CC family. I told Joe I am hoping he and I can get out on a date soon. I would love to do one weekly, but I think that's wishful thinking right now with trying to find someone to watch the kiddos and train them to be with Leland. Someday though. ;)

Friday, October 2, 2015

We love Fridays!

Hello Friday!

So nice to see you. It's been one of those weeks over here. ;)

He's been busy, hasn't he??? Haha! I love him to pieces and those innocent eyes that look up at me. All I typically do is shake my head and smile. He makes life fun!

It's actually been a really enjoyable week. The weather has been beautiful, school has been productive, and

we have ended each evening in the front yard. Apparently we are starting our own little family baseball team. :) Brings back memories of when I was little and my brothers and I would run the bases in our front yard.

Yesterday we had CC. I am on nursery duty for the month of October because the lady we hired is out of the state enjoying time with family. When you have cuties like this to play with, it sure isn't a tough job. 

After lunch, Rylee said she wasn't feeling well, so we actually had to leave essentials class early and get her home to rest. Praying it is nothing. The flu is going around in one family from our community and I have heard colds/fevers are in the mix too.

Speaking of which, I need to go in and check on her this morning. Then, time to go workout. New month, new goals... who's with me?!

Have a great weekend, friends! 

We have a birthday party tomorrow and then on Sunday, church and AWANA . It's the first week of AWANA and Leland's very first year taking part. I am going to help out in his room this year. Should be fun! 

What are your plans??

Don't forget about the awesome fall swap Johannah, Desiree, and I are hosting. To read more, click here. We would so love to have you join!

Thanks Narci, Erika, and Andrea for hosting the Friday Favorites link-up this morning.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Blog Exchange

Hey guys! 

Happy first day of October!

I am so excited to share with you that Johannah, from The Sirois Family, Desiree, from Macke Monolgues, and I are teaming up to host our very first fall blog exchange!!

When Johannah came to me with this idea, I was instantly excited! I love getting to know other bloggers, and this is a great way to do that.

The basic idea of this is that if you are a blogger, you will get partnered up with another blogger and touch base to get to know each other better... in a sense like a pen-pal. :) Toward the end of the month you will put together a box of goodies that you think your partner would enjoy getting in the mail from you. They will be doing the same on their end. You both mail out your goodie boxes and wait for the surprise to show up at your door.

How fun is that?! I've done a couple of these exchanges and I  always have a blast going to the store and picking out items that I think my new friend would love. And, of course, it's always exciting to receive one as well. :)

Are you a blogger? If so, you should totally join in!

Here are more details:
  • This swap is open to all bloggers that have a U.S. address.
  • If you are interested send an e-mail to<>. Include the following in your email:
    • Full name  
    • Email address
    • Link to your blog
  • We are leaving this open until October 8th, and at that time partners will paired up.
  • We will email you with your partners information. At that point you will have 48 hours to contact your partner.
  • We are limiting this swap to $20 {*before shipping}.
  • All items will need to be mailed by October 21st, and then on October 28th, we will link back here to show off all of our goodies! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email and ask. 
If you decide to join in, have fun with this! Get to know your partner. Find out their likes and dislikes. Share more about you. Connect with them on Facebook and/or Instagram.
Hope you consider being a part of the swap!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Hi and good morning!

Can you believe today is the last day of September?! How is this possible? 2015 is almost over, friends!

I decided to link up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer for "What's Up Wednesday" to end out the month.

1. What we're eating this week... 
Here is the menu laid out in my planner. And because I am a huge fan of the crock-pot, you will be seeing it being used in abundance this time of year. :)

We have also been making a lot of fresh, homemade bread. Can you tell my kids get super excited for it?! :)

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
This time last year Leland was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My mind is just replaying all of it over and over. I can't believe it's been a year already, yet at the same time, it's only been a year.

3. What I am loving...
This girl asked me to teach her how to throw a football. I think I'm qualified... having grown up with three brothers and a football coach for a dad. ;) And, guess what, she totally impressed me with her catching skills! Her brother... he has some work ahead of himself. It bounced off his forehead a couple of times. :)

4. What we've been up to... 
With it being so nice out, we have been getting outside as much as we can. Judging from the kids choice of activity a couple days ago, they are ready for snow on the ground. ;)

5. What I'm dreading... 
As much as the kids may be looking forward to the white stuff coming, I, on the other hand am not. I am not a fan of the cold, winter months. I don't like driving in it and I don't like having to bundle everyone up whenever we have to go somewhere. Fall... this right here, this is my time!

6. What I'm working on...
My Hunter and I have been wanting to get my Thirty-One stuff out of here. We have a small walk-in closet that is filled with product, so I pulled it all out to go through and get ready to sell. I plan to have an open house next week or the following and invite all my friends so they can shop early for the holidays and help a girl get rid of some stuff. 

7. What we're excited about...
Halloween! The kids are already talking about what they want to dress-up as this year. :)

8. What we're watching/reading...
I mentioned yesterday that my newest obsession is Gilmore Girls. I'm absolutely loving it.

As far as reading, our current read-aloud is "Otis Spofford." We love Beverly Cleary!!

9. What I'm listening to... 
I mentioned this yesterday too, ha, guess I should have planned this out better. ;) But I love putting my earbuds in and playing a podcast whenever I get a chance. The Busy Mom and Revive Our Hearts are my two faves right now. 

10. What I'm wearing... 
Is this even a question for me?! Umm, other than yoga pants you mean??? ;)

11. What we're doing this weekend...
We are heading out to our friends for a birthday celebration for two of their kiddos. Aargh! It's a pirate-themed party and should be a ton of fun. :)

12. What we are looking forward to next month... 
More fall activities, including carving pumpkins, baking, and our church fall festival to name a few. :) {Have I mentioned I love fall???}

13. What else is new...
We have been busy getting back in the groove of school over here. Rylee has moved up to the next level with our CC group, which means a lot more work for her this year. She's still adjusting to it all, and so am I. ;)

She is still really loving art. Future artist? Maybe. :) This was the project they did last week after one of the moms read about Georgia O'Keefe.

This was a fun way to catch you all up on life over here. I hope you all had a great September and have an even better October!

Until later... <3

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Truths

Hello, hello, hello!

Happy Tuesday!

I am awake and ready to go this morning! I love when I wake up feeling like this. I can see lots getting checked off my list right away this morning! Whoops, whoops!

I just love sharing some truths with you all on Tuesdays, so I am going to get right into it.

Truth: Who is loving this weather?!? It has been *so* incredibly beautiful here! We are savoring every minute and getting outside as much as possible because before we know it winter will be upon us and I am not a fan of cold.

Truth: Hunting season is here, which means this momma is taking advantage of the extra alone time to watch her new Netflix addiction... Gilmore Girls! Saturday night I was up until 1:00 AM watching!  Part of that was because of my urge to rearrange the living room, so I did that while watching too.

Truth: Speaking of shows, one of my favorite things about fall are all our favorite TV shows that start back up! Modern Family and Nashville are on the list for Joe and I to watch as a date night in each week.

Truth: Now that I have a new phone, you may see me posting an overabundance of photos on all social media outlets. :) I am having so much fun playing around with it and being able to take selfies where I can actually see myself! Ha!

Just in case you want to follow along with all my crazy, you can find me on Facebook here and Instagram here. We may even have more family selfies showing up... Willow was in control of this one. Not bad, huh???

Truth: My friend, Jenny, and her kids came over for pizza and movie night on Friday. They ended up staying overnight, which meant a fun-filled pancake breakfast Saturday morning surrounded by these cuties.

Truth: After church on Sunday, I swung through Starbucks drive-thru to order their new toasted graham drink. I had high, high hopes for this. I mean, doesn't it sound perfect and amazing for fall??? However, I was let down. It was good, but *just* good. No sparks flew for me. I am thankful I had a gift card to use for it. This little cup of caffeine was almost $5!

Truth: I have my earbuds in and am listening to podcasts any chance I get. Currently I am *loving* Heidi St. John's station, The Busy Mom. She is so real and down to earth, not to mention uplifting. Check her out!

Truth: I could *never* be a nurse!!! Rylee came in yesterday with the longest sliver in her toe and I was all queasy trying to get it out. Poor girl was in tears, which is understandable.

Truth: Supper last night was so simple and easy to throw together. My kind of meal! Venison burgers with a slice of cheese, sliced tomatoes, baked potato, and salad with avocado dressing. Tonight, on the menu, crockpot chicken salsa.

Truth: The way to my heart?! Through my stomach and these two gifts right here are PERFECTION! Candy corn + chocolate = <3!!!! I have the best friends!

Alright, if I am going to get all those tasks checked off my list this morning, I better sign-off. ;)

Happiest of Tuesdays, my friends!